Mary had a little Lamb

Some hair, some blood and some charm.


Lamb to the Slaughter – By, Roald Dahl

It was a quiet Thursday night at the police station, Noonan and I were getting rather bored sitting around twiddling our thumbs. The mood quickly changed with a phone call from Mrs. Maloney saying her husband, one of our senior detectives, Patrick Maloney, had been murdered. We rushed over to the residence immediately, eager to get to work.

Upon entering, my foodie senses were tingling as I detected the scent of lamb, one of my favourite meats. I couldn’t let the guys at our precinct know, but I’m secretly a big time food blogger with a passion for home-cooked meals.

We proceeded with our investigation but to no avail. We were unable to track down the murder weapon, not that I could focus anyways with the smell of lamb driving me crazy.

We were about to head back to the station when Mrs. Maloney made us an offer we couldn’t refuse, she proposed we eat the lamb she was cooking for Patrick. By far the highlight of my night.

She served us lamb leg with a side of Idaho potatoes and peas. Absolutely exquisite plate presentation and execution. The meal was paired with a dark whiskey, which I personally wasn’t a fan of (if it were my dinner I would have paired it with a fruitier red wine). For the lamb, it was very well done, slightly overcooked but still palatable. Mary encouraged us to eat it all and we effortlessly did. However, I found with some portions of my lamb it was extra bloody, which was quite odd, especially for an overcooked leg of lamb. Not to mention there were some fine dark hairs present on the skin of the leg, which was even more bizarre as I know nobody would cook lamb with fur still on the leg.

Aside from a poor drink pairing and some noticeable blemishes on the lamb, it was a lovely meal, and I would gladly eat here again.

3.5/5 Stars

On a side note, I hope we’re able to find the murder weapon that killed Detective Maloney. It would be a real shame to leave his murder unsolved.

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